Italian American Digest DIGEST Spring 2018 Final2 - Page 15

SPRING 2018 I talian A merican D igest PAGE 15 Mr. and Mrs. Chris Mathes, Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Peck, Philip Manuel, and Mr. and Mrs. Ed Shorty Mark Kwak, Shannon O’Mara, Mr. and Mrs. Gary Hall, Tony Ferraro, Mr. and Mrs. George Randazzo, Bill Conforti, Enrico Mirabelli, Lisa Friedman, Franco Harris, and John Viola Kevin Bumgartner; Salvador Anselmo, American Italian Veteran 2018; Linda Prattini, LAISHF Inductee 2017; and Catherine Werner AICC President Phillip Cancilleri and Mary Perrin, 2018 Ital- ian American Woman of the Year Robert Bruno, 2018 Civic Award Recipient, and family with Franco Har- ris, 2018 National Honoree Louis Casci, LAISHF Local Sports Inductee 2018, with friends and family