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EDITOR’S NOTE T he beginning of the calendar year is at its heart a fantasy of newness and clean slates of the chance to do things differently and with more attention to purpose. In reality, it’s also one of the most challenging times of the year for many of us, So holidays are over and fly straight into the plate-glass window of an overfull schedule. As I talk with friends and colleagues about plans, the word “hectic” keeps coming up, and I think we should find that a little worrisome.A hectic fever is what you get when you have consumption. It looks a lot like excitement, but ultimately, you’re consumed. O ur second issue is a call to take a breath and remember what it is that we’re doing, and why. You won’t find any New Year’s resolution, but you will encounter many different angels on the idea of first principles: the ideas and position on which everything else is built. W CONTRIBUTORS Special Thanks SHEMA ABDOUL @shemaharris IRADUKUNDA MADINAH @madinahxviil WINNIE RUGAMBA @winnie.rugamba SAMIRA ISIMBI @isimbi_samira SHABANI SERVAL @shabaniserval e don’t often have time to consider all the underlying stuff that gives our work shape, character, and meaning, and that time won’t ever appear on its own. But we can choose it. Even in the crazy spells and maybe especially then, when we’re making so many important decisions. We’ll have thoughts ranging from snacks-sized to feast- worthy by writers who lead content strategy projects, write interfaces, develop reading applications and build information systems. THEZOOM 2018