Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #01 - Page 9

Gravity is only one of the centripetal forces. Others are color, life force, perception, and consciousness itself. All of these - by appearance- self organizing forces are caused by Golden Ratio - fractality among waves of charge. The evidence the Golden Ratio fractality ( constructive charge collapse perfected) is the cause and mechanism of gravity: Golden Ratio is the universal container of Nassim Harramein - universal of global scaling - of - Length vs. Frequency of - Big Bang, Atom, Galaxy and Universe 3. Golden Ratio times Plank length produces exactly the radius of hydrogen. ( My equations: So- Golden RATIO constructive charge collapse- is evidentially what is holding hydrogen - and most likely the entire atomic table together. 1. Golden Ratio is the quintessential element of E8 - Unified Field model. 8 2. The infinite stellated dodecahedron ( dodeca / icosa/ dodeca...) main characteristic is each node has x,y,z values which are simples multiples of Golden Ratio. This produces perfect constructive wave compression and collapse. For this reason - this is the exact geometry of: a) The universe b) DNA and every living protein c) the outer electrical shape of gold, palladium, platinum (pgm’s), fusion, black holes, the noble gasses, and their corresponding electron valences and nuclear symmetries. d) the Earth grid. 4.