Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #06 - Page 58

T.D. One North American geopolymer application is a blended Portlandgeopolymer cement known as Pyrament® (patented in 1984) for rapid pavement repair. Shall we consider geopolymer as a supplementary or rather a complementary material to cements and concretes, or does it really have the potential to replace the conventional Portland cements on a large scale? Dr. Davidovits I once visited a cement plant in South Africa and was struck by the local conditions ruling the manufacture of Portland cement there. The plant was located very close to the market (the cities of Pretoria and Johannesburg) but the geological resources, namely limestone, had to be extracted ca. 100 km up north and transported by train to the plant. On the other hand, the local geology was perfectly adapted for the manufacture of geopolymer cement. Other regions in the world are experiencing the same situation. In other words, geopolymer cement is a complementary material to Portland cement. T.D. As a research scientist, I have worked on calcium phosphate cement (another s