Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #06 - Page 44

Professor Achim Peters, leader of the Selfish Brain Group at Lubeck, has pioneered the theory that the cause of weight gain and metabolic impairments is chronic cerebral glucose deprivation – or chronic unresolved cerebral hunger. Professor Christian Benedict at Lubeck has found that nocturnal metabolic stress is directly related to compromised cerebral energy supply. Professor JJ Guinovart at Barcelona has found that restoration of hepatic glycogen reserves reduces the conditions of modern metabolic impairment and the causative agencies of metabolic syndrome -- hyperglycaemia, hyperphagia and the enzymes of gluconeogenesis. Why Honey? In the Southern Mediterranean, for thousands of years, the population retired to bed after a healthy evening meal, around 10-11pm, with a restocked liver, and activated quality sleep and recovery physiology every night in life. This is the most neglected aspect of the Mediterranean diet; timing is a key influence in all metabolic events. Since they have recently abandoned this practice, 43 the fastest growing area for metabolic syndrome is in that region. They (unconsciously) practiced the principle of forward-provisioning the brain via the liver prior to sleep. In the west it is not likely that the universal culture of the early evening meal will be altered any time soon. Thus we can adopt the strategy enjoyed in the Southern Med by selectively replenishing the liver prior to sleep. Honey is the Gold Standard food