Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #06 - Page 42

degeneration and dementia via the toxic combination of sleep deprivation and sugar-driven suppression of the cerebral glucose pump (iPump); might they become a new offshoot of Homo sapiens – Homo insapiens? and Gary Taubes, has opened about the true role of sugars in metabolic impairments. We forward-provision the brain in the period prior to sleep after an early evening meal, reducing chronic nocturnal metabolic stress and the risk of all the metabolic conditions. What Can We Do? Paradoxically, honey is the Gold Standard food for this purpose. Perhaps now, at last, we have the opportunity to promote a public discussion around the question of whether our excess consumption of sugars and refined carbohydrates is shrinking the human brain in ourselves, in our children, and in the offspring of our children. May we open a new era in human nutrition and health? Bariatric Sleep In the west we view sleep as a low energy event, a myth driven by diet gurus which is not only unscientific but positively dangerous. As a result we retire to bed with a depleted liver, and activate not quality sleep and recovery physiology, but rather chronic nocturnal metabolic stress and increased risk of metabolic syndrome, every night of our lives. By selectively restocking the liver prior to sleep we forwardprovision cerebral energy reserves, reduce chronic nocturnal metabolic There are two very simple and cost effective strategies that may halt or reverse this process. We reduce consumption of refined sugars and carbohydrates, an opportunity that is now available since a new public discourse, led by researchers such as Robert Lustig 41