Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #06 - Page 40

In September 2013 a study at the University of Copenhagen showed that sugars are vital signalling cofactors in the formation of the brain via a MicroRNA system known as mir-79 (the human equivalent is mir-9). If the foetal cerebral glucose pump is suppressed, as it would be in the hyperglycaemic/hyperinsulinic environment of the foetal circulation, the outcome would be impaired formation of the new brain and incipient dementia. Recent studies point to exactly this conclusion – a study by the Universities of Bristol and Glasgow found: formed – not so the human brain, which continues to develop and grow beyond birth and into the second decade of life. “ ...Offspring of mothers with existing diabetes had a threefold risk of achieving no GCSEs graded A-C, whilst offspring of women with gestational diabetes had, on average, a five point lower IQ compared to offspring of women with no diabetes or glycosuria ...” Let the alarm bells ring in every home, nursery, primary school, secondary school, college, university and all centres of learning and education. It will not be lost on the reader that the environment in which the foetus is suspended, By the third trimester of gestational diabetes all of the organs with one exception are already fully 39