Ispectrum Magazine Ispectrum Magazine #06 - Page 15

Treatments I’ll briefly cover some of the ways that balance can be restored in the ANS. As previously mentioned diet and nutrients can and should be utilized to achieve that goal. Beyond that, specific adjustments at the spinal level can be used to either stimulate or inhibit the ANS. I have found cold laser therapy to be of great value. It can reset the ANS to a more normal setting very quickly. For example, if one has adrenal exhaustion, by gently stimulating the joint with repetitive light tugs and at the same time pointing the laser light at the brain stem, there will be a rapid reset of the adrenals. This is from the work of Dr. George Gonzalez, DC,QN. Color therapy is also very powerful. By monitoring reflexes, I find the color that balances the body and incorporate that color into the person’s therapy. The person could look through a colored film, use colored glasses, cover a lamp with the color, and so on. Sound can also work very nicely. If I’m using tuning forks I would test each one until I found the frequency that balanced the body. This will be displayed by the elimi- 14 nation of the postural distortion one displays on my treatment table. Specific exercises can be of value tailored to the imbalance of the individual. Someone on sympathetic overload would not want to do intensive exercise that enhanced the sympathetic system. It would also be beneficial to monitor heart rate. After establishing a base line, if the heart rate is up 10 points or more in the morning it would be best not to train that day.