ISPA Exposure Guide 2020 Brand Opportunities - Page 9

Snapshot Survey Sponsorship ISPA’s monthly survey is distributed to our membership so we can all learn about the latest industry trends. It asks questions about their experiences and current practices, and they choose whether to answer. Those who do participate in the survey will get a follow-up email with the data. And that’s the best part of this opportunity. Not only will your company get a branded signature line feature on the survey, but it will get one on the cover of the report along with a full promotional page at the end of the report. The thing about advertising is that it’s impossible to guarantee how many people will open an email or scroll past your ad. But that follow-up email is targeted at people who have already taken the time to fill out the survey; they are clearly invested in the material, so you are reaching a dialed-in audience. It’s a unique dynamic. RATE: $1,200/MONTH What percent increase or decrease did you see in your number of new accounts, repeat clients, account closures and international accounts for the third quarter of 2018 compared to the third quarter of 2017? How did your number of spa visits change for the third quarter of 2018 compared to the third quarter of 2017? 19 Which of the following, if any, did your spa do during the third quarter? Respondents were asked to select all that apply. 7 15 The ISPA website is the one-stop shop for everything spa-related. It’s where members and nonmembers go to register for events, search for spas and jobs around the world, learn about the industry with our extensive research and so much more. That’s why your company’s presence on the site would be incredibly beneficial. It is exposure to over 17,000 spa industry professionals. Your month-long premier header ad would be stripped across the top of our homepage, above all of the various tabs. When ISPA’s audience checks in each day, your ad will be the first thing they see. RATES/MONTH: PREMIER HEADER AD: $2,400/MONTH 7