ISPA Exposure Guide 2020 Brand Opportunities - Page 8

ISPA DIGITAL ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES Trendables Each month, ISPA sends out an email that features new products from ISPA Resource Partners. Since members are always keeping an eye out for the latest innovations in the spa world, featuring your product in Trendables is incredibly valuable. If ISPA features a product, members know it is legit. Your company will have the attention of the top decision makers in the industry. There are two options available, and either would be beneficial to your company because of the undeniable advantages to getting your brand into the inbox of a passionate spa community full of willing buyers. Companies of all shapes and sizes use email, so you know you are reaching a wide audience. One option is to feature a single product. This would include a photo of the product, a 15-word description, your company’s contact information and a direct link to your site. If you have a new line of products you are releasing (or simply want to feature), the brand takeover is the right option for you. Instead of six companies featuring a single product, this email would highlight just one company and six products. Trendables is one of ISPA’s most popular member benefits, and it’d be entirely dedicated to you. RATES: $600/FEATURE OR $3,500/TAKEOVER 6