ISPA Exposure Guide 2019 digi Exposure Guide v.4 - Page 18

I S PA C O N F E R E N C E & E X P O S P O N S O R S H I P | S I LV E R Silver Level Sponsorships STARTING AT $6,500 Benefits include: \ \ Priority Booth Placement \ \ SmartBrief highlight \ \ Quarter-page advertisement in Pulse magazine \ \ Sponsor recognition in the printed onsite Conference Guide \ \ 150-word feature in Pulse magazine \ \ Highlighted designation on the ISPA Conference Mobile App \ \ Exposure on ISPA’s social media channels \ \ Sponsor recognition on EDUCATION SESSIONS SECOND STAGE Knit your brand into priceless takeaways from the daily Education Sessions. Often praised by attendees as one of the main draws to Conference, numerous speakers and broad-reaching topics instill invaluable lessons and insights throughout the week. Get your brand on the Expo floor through the Second Stage, where attendees can take in useful tips and tricks in mini-session portions. Located in a prominent area, your logo will have a constant presence in its own distinct area. ■ Sponsor logo display on prominent signage around the Second Stage. ■ Presence in the Education hallway to display product and connect with attendees. ■ Ability to play a video (1 minute or less) prior to the start of Second Stage Sessions. ■ Sponsor logo placement within each education room. DESSERT CART ■ Opportunity to include an ad within the slideshow displayed before each session starts. Sponsor the ISPA Expo’s daily sweet treats on the ISPA Dessert Cart. Cookies, pastries and other tasty treats are sure to satisfy attendees’ sweet tooth. DIRECTORY MAP The ISPA Expo can be a lot to tackle without a guide to help attendees stay aware of their surroundings. For this reason, the Directory Map is a useful tool for Expo-goers to locate their target booths and find their way. ■ Ability to brand the Dessert Cart with your ■ Opportunity to place full-color banner size on the Directory Map. 16