ISPA Exposure Guide 2019 digi Exposure Guide v.4 - Page 17

I S PA C O N F E R E N C E & E X P O S P O N S O R S H I P | G O L D JOURNAL ISPA CONFERENCE MOBILE APP Each attendee will receive a beautifully designed journal in their Registration Bag at check-in. These journals will serve as a place to take notes, collect contact information and become a keepsake with your logo on the cover. ■ Sponsor logo prominently featured on the journal cover. Enthusiasm for the ISPA Conference Mobile App grows by the year as attendees experience the wealth of benefits it offers. Be a prominent presence on this go-to digital platform that houses resources, quick information and breaking news during the event. ■ Banner ad placement on app homepage with ability to link to a URL of choice. HOTEL KEY CARDS ■ Ability to send one push notification to attendees during each day of Conference. Place your brand on something Conference attendees can’t forget or do without—their hotel room key. Put your logo, booth number and more directly in attendees’ hands. ■ Access to Bluetooth Beacon to utilize for additional notifications to attendees. ■ Branded hotel key cards distributed to all attendees staying at the Host Hotel. 15