ISPA Exposure Guide 2019 digi Exposure Guide v.4 - Page 10

Webinars With on-demand services and offerings trending as much as ever, ISPA offers webinars to deliver education readily available at your fingertips. Webinars eliminate the need for your audience to travel, which reduces cost and makes your message and expertise more accessible. Educate spa professionals on general company information or put on a product demonstration to help your viewers better themselves from the shared insight. Webinar benefits: \ \ On-demand link to your webinar of choice within the webinar library which provides members with complimentary access to the webinar for up to one year. \ \ Promotion of the webinar library within Touch Points e-newsletter. \ \ Logo inclusion within the ISPA webinar library along with a hyperlink to a URL of your choice. \ \ Promotion of the webinar within ISPA SmartBrief news digest email. RATE: $750 People of ISPA Secure a feature sponsorship on and get your product’s story out to our readership. This sponsorship will give you the chance to spread your brand beyond the site to Pulse magazine’s People of ISPA profile page and exposure on ISPA’s social media channels. This opportunity will place your product profile at the top of the feature queue for one month, including a product image and ability to link to a video or URL of your choice. At the end of the month, your feature will be archived for 12 months in an easily accessible folder. RATE: $2,000 8