Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 94

FASHION HEALTH & BEAUTY the beauty doctor Dr Máire Rhatigan of Orchard Cosmetic Clinic, Newport Q. I have recently lost over 2 stone in weight which I am delighted with but I now look very gaunt in the face and don’t like how much older that makes me look. What can be done without putting weight back on as I would like both my body and face to look good. very comfortable to have and there is very little recovery time needed as bruising tends to be minimal with the softfil cannula I now use for almost all filler treatments. The result is a smooth, youthful, healthy and happy appearance. A. You must feel a great sense of achievement having lost so much weight and a very common side effect of that is loss of fat from the face which can make lines and laxity on the face look more obvious. Fortunately there is a marvellous treatment called Voluma available which is wonderful for dealing with the unwanted appearance caused by loss of fat in the face after a large amount of desired body weight loss. Voluma is one of the Juvederm range of fillers which has an incredible ability to lift sagging areas of the face. It is one of my favourite treatments in the clinic as the results are so dramatic. Patients who may have thought they needed a facelift now opt for Voluma instead which is a fraction of the cost and the results last about 2 years The treatment is Q. I have red blobs on my chest and abdomen and wonder if laser treatment would help. They have been there for years and look like blood blisters though I have never injured myself. I am very embarrassed by them as there are so many. A. Without seeing these red blobs it is difficult to be sure exactly what they are but from your description they sound like they are made up of blood vessels. Our skin has a spaghetti junction network of fine blood vessels called capillaries just under the surface usually invisible to the eye but which sometimes come to the surface and are visible as round red blobs or as thread veins. When they are round red blobs with a sharp border as shown in the picture they are Cambell de Morgan A patient before treatment by Dr After treatment with Voluma showing Rhatigan with Voluma for sagging the dramatic rejuvenation of the of the lower face and droopy mouth lower face. corners. Orchard Cosmetic Clinic 13 Lugley Street, Newport TEL: 01983 719772 EMAIL: 94 spots which are benign and nothing to worry about. They are easy to treat with laser which makes them disappear completely. If they are red blobs with tiny spidery vessels coming off them then they are called "Spider nevi". The good news is that these also cause no harm and they too can be treated very simply and successfully with laser. This type of assessment and treatment should be done at a specialist medical cosmetic clinic. Very, very rarely Spider nevi and Cambell De Morgan spots can be linked to certain medical conditions which is why it is important for you to be seen at a medical cosmetic clinic. You will have the peace of mind of knowing that the correct diagnosis has been made and your treatment will be carried out safely. Spider nevus before treatment by Dr Rhatigan with laser. After laser treatment the spider nevus has disappeared. HAVE A QUESTION? Authors of published questions receive a £50 voucher for Orchard Cosmetic Clinic. Email Máire at: