Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 8

ISLAND LIFE Bonchurch venue for Opera in Space The Semele Project, a reinvention of Handel’s masterpiece, Semele, is to be performed at East Dene, Bonchurch, by London's Opera in Space on October 21 and 22. The Marriage of Semele with Athamis has been reduced to just over an hour in length, with specially-written narrative verse and a cast of just five performers. The oratorio Semele is the story of a beautiful but vain young mistress who is deceived and destroyed by a jealous and powerful wife. In the adaptable show the performers take on multiple roles, interacting with the audience, which moves around the venue with them; and diverse story-telling techniques are used, including elements of puppetry, clowning 8 and physical theatre. The performers themselves play instruments - in character; and there is no theatrical set, rather the performers make use of the space in original ways. All of our performers are professional classical musicians and actors dedicated to the highest musical standards. Opera in Space was founded by Sylvie Gallant and Alice De Ville with the aim of rethinking the performance of operatic repertory and exploring new perspectives in its realization on stage. The ai