Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 78

COUNTRY LIFE Mark Newman: kind, generous and a sad loss Mark Newman, an extremely well known and highly respected figure among cattle and sheep dealers on the Island, has died suddenly at the age of 52. Mark and his family’s abattoir is at Farnborough, Hampshire where he traded under P.C. Turner, but he was a regular visitor to the Island and was the principle buyer at the Gilten Market Christmas Fatstock Show at Brickfields. Mark also owned two agricultural properties here and carried out slaughtering for many Island businesses. Island farmer David Biles paid tribute to the man who helped so many people here and all along the south coast. David said: “He was a very kind and generous man who loved the Island, and was respected by everyone who knew him. He was always very busy and hands-on, and his word was his bond. When I sold him Park Green Farm, we agreed the deal and shook hands on it, and I knew that was all that was needed. His death has come as a great shock to every cattle dealing person on the Island, and beyond. “He worked at markets stretching up to Kent and Essex, and did a lot to encourage our Fatstock Show. He will be sadly missed.” Mark was born in December 1958, the first son of Bob and Pip Newman, Mark from an early age helped Bob in his cattle trading business running six local shops and in 1974 the slaughter house at Marlow, Buckinghamshire was purchased by Bob in which Mark took a keen interest from an early age. Bob and Mark built substantial cattle trading and wholesale meat business being independent and keen and 78 active supporters of the live market system. To facilitate their expanding business in 1990, they purchased their slaughterhouse at Farnborough. The business grew from strength to strength with Mark being actively involved with Bob in expanding that business, providing strong competition against the multiple buyers in local markets and indeed throughout England and Wales. Mark had four children, stepdaughter Emma, two sons Robert and William and Lizzie. Robert and William follow Mark in the meat business actively attending markets, negotiating purchases and sales with Emma and Lizzie also attending with Mark to learn the trade. Bob still an active buyer passed over the wholesale business to Mark in recent years. Mark was also a founder member of AIMS, which the Association of Independent Meat Suppliers set up on the eve of foot and mouth in February 2001, and represents almost 300 abattoirs and processors in the medium and smaller independent sector. He had many other interests, most famously his superb collection of crawler tractors. Shortly before his death he was attending a sale and purchased a 1944 Caterpillar D8. Mark’s death will leave a big void in this year’s Gilten Market, which takes place at Brickfields on Monday December 5. The Gilten Market Committee met recently, and observed two minutes’ silence for the passing of Mark, and also of Mrs. Lovegrove, whose two sons Robert and David farm Hill Farm and Carpenters Farm, St Helens. The committee agreed that the trophy for the ‘Gilten Beast’ at this year’s show will be presented in memory of Mark. It is hoped that despite the sad loss of one of its best supporters, the show will prove to be successful, and many local farmers have promised to rally round and give it all the support they can. The Gilten Dinner will also go ahead in January, with the date and venue still to be arranged.