Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 40

ISLAND LIFE Is it time to update your will? It is so easy to make a Will and then forget about it, even though it probably needs updating from time to time. Lives and circumstances change; people move homes, new grandchildren arrive, and charities that are supported may change. Solicitors recommend Wills are updated every five years or so to ensure they reflect exactly what people want to happen after they have gone. So throughout October the Earl Mountbatten Hospice has arranged for a panel of solicitors on the Island to write or update Wills and give £100 of their fees for free, in return for anyone making a £50 donation to help patient care at the Hospice - so a saving of at least £50. 40 There is absolutely no condition that anyone has to leave anything in their Will to the Hospice. They are free to decide how they want to share their estate. Obviously the Hospice is dependent on everyone’s generosity to keep providing care to the Island now and in the years to come. Indeed, in the years ahead, there will be more elderly people on the Island and the Hospice will not just be looking after cancer-sufferers but a variety of other life-shortening conditions. If anyone is interested in taking advantage of this offer to make or update their Will during ‘Hospice Make a Will’ month this October, they should contact Hospice Fundraising on 01983 528989 and they will be sent a leaflet with all the details.