Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 111

FOOD Recipe with Daniel Maskell at Dan's Kitchen, St. Helens Home-cured gravlax with roasted beetroot and sour cream Ingredients, Serves 4 500g Very fresh salmon fillet (head end), pin boned, scaled and skin lightly scored 75g Maldon sea salt 75g Brown sugar Zest of 2 lemons, peeled not grated Zest of 1 orange, peeled not grated 75g Roughly Chopped Fennel Tablespoon of Dijon Mustard Small Bunch Dill, finely chopped Plate up: 4 Lemon Wedges Sour Cream Salad Leaves Mix the ingredients together except for the dill and mustard. Spread the mixture evenly over both sides of the salmon, place on a tray and refrigerate for 12-18 hours, turning it over after 6 hours. Check after 12 hours, it should feel firm to touch. If not leave for a couple more hours and check again. When the salmon fillet is ready, wipe off any excess sugar and salt and pick off the zest and fennel. Remove from the tray and pat dry with a kitchen paper towel. Place on to a chopping board skin side down and spread on the mustard evenly (flesh side) and sprinkle on the dill. Cling film the result and leave in the fridge for an hour before slicing. 4 Golden Beetroot, golf ball size 4 Purple Beetroot, golf ball size Wash the Beetroot, rub beetroots with a little salt and oil and individually wrap with tinfoil and bake for 2.5 hours at 150°C. After remove from oven and leave to cool in the tin foil, when cool remove the tin foil and peel off the skins. Cut the purple ones into quarters and slice the golden ones into four slices. Plate up: Arrange the sliced salmon in the centre of the plate, randomly place on the beetroot (4 Purple pieces and 4 Golden slices pre plate). Spoon on the sour cream, dress the plate with salad leaves and lemon wedges. 111