Island Life Magazine Ltd October/November 2011 - Page 102

FASHION HEALTH & BEAUTY I-Lipo Laser fat reduction encourages healthy living Dr G Jilani of The Island Cosmetic Clinic, Wootton The Island Cosmetic Clinic introduced a new Laser fat reduction treatment, I Lipo in November 2010. Dr. G Jilani, Medical Director at the clinic, undertook a lot of research on this treatment and has been delighted with the results, and the positive healthy effect it is having on people, both men and women. So how does it work? Dr. Jilani explained: “If someone is on a calorie controlled diet and their intake of food is reduced, the brain sends a signal to the fat cells, the Triglycerides which is fat and sugar contained in the cells is separated and the pores of the fat cells open to release the contents into the bloodstream. The person then uses this energy, so this is how fat is used up. “With I Lipo we are not reducing the client’s intake of food, and the Lasers send the same signal to the fat cells, so they empty. The client however has to perform approx 30 minutes cardiovascular exercise to burn off the energy that has been released. The fantastic thing about this treatment is that you can choose where you want to lose the fat from.” Clients undergoing this treatment are advised to eat healthily, so as not to refill the fat cells. Unlike liposuction, I Lipo does not destroy the fat cells but simply shrinks and empties them, so they can function again. This is far safer than liposuction, as fat can accumulate in other areas and even around the organs. Clients who have had this treatment have not only seen great results but have now started to get into the habit of regularly exercising and eating healthier to maintain the look achieved. “Often clients have lost weight by following an exercise regime, but The Island Cosmetic Clinic TEL: 01983 880180 for free consultation 102 cannot lose fat on those stubborn areas even after intense exercise. I Lipo itself is used for inch loss and body shaping rather than weight loss; it contours and reduces fat in stubborn areas but cannot be used to treat obesity. “We have achieved over 90 percent satisfaction rate with this treatment”, says Dr Jilani, “and about half of the clients who had the treatment never used to exercise, but now exercise regularly and eat healthier. This has given them greater self-esteem and confidence, because they have been part of their achievement”.