Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 91

MOTORING - life Nick and wife Carolyn Pointing to make the frame and panels, and considered enrolling the support of a boat builder for the rear, but what started as incredibly frustrating, trying to tie down someone to work on ‘Chitty’ and even to take us seriously turned into a personal drive to learn and to do it all ourselves, which we are proud to say we have with the exception of ‘Al’ at Sandown Airport. Sadly it took me a long time to realise that starting with the phrase ‘I’m building a replica of Chitty, could you . . .’ doesn’t give you much street cred! The work has been a labour of love and a constant battle to stay committed and focused, particularly when we started without a garage and had to huddle under a collection of pallets out of the freezing wind and rain. After the arrival on a new timber workshop the whole project really took off, and then it was a case of not becoming too blinkered to what was going on around us. On one occasion welding, I caught fire to myself, the strong smell of burning took hold and I realized my trouser leg was alight, although it was nothing a quick roll around the garden couldn’t put right! All of the materials have been sourced locally where possible; the aluminium came from Newport steel and the wood from Clair Lallows in Cowe