Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 83

FOOD & DRINK - life Photo: VAT has been added that brings the price up to approximately £8. “Then you have the cost of the chips, salad, bread and dips which I don’t charge for separately and which adds roughly another £2 to the price, bringing my costs to about £12 per meal. “Overheads are difficult to judge without waiting until the end of the year to sit down and work everything out but I reckon on making about £5 or £6 profit per fillet meal.” Sponsored by - But the quality of the New Barn meat obviously shows. On The Rocks has proved so popular with punters this summer that Richard is planning to expand his restaurant for next season. He says: “In the high sea- son I was having to turn away up to 40 people a day. So I’ve bought the building next door. “We might do something a little different there and have a spit roast or something.” Andrew Hodgson is philosophical about the loss he makes producing his beef cattle. He says: “I’ve taken on two more farms in the last 10 years in an attempt to keep my fixed costs down but how much longer you can keep going like this I don’t know. “If we got just another 30p per kilo that would work out at £709 per steer which would push us into profit and makes things much more worthwhile. “We try to keep our costs down as far as possible. The feed the cattle get is all produced on the farm, for example. “We grow maize, straw and also rape for protein, which is all GM free too. “But I don’t want to come across as a whingeing farmer. I’ve always been an optimistic farmer and I love what I do.” 83