Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 80

life - FOOD & DRINK Local produce market with a difference CHOICE is the word when it comes to shopping. Customers love choice. For this reason we have decided to go ahead and create the best local producers market on the island, which will be under cover, and offers FREE PARKING! Monday 23rd April 2007 is the date to pencil into your diary, as this is the day when the NEW “Local Produce Market” will start trading at Brickfields. Organizers of the new Brickfields market Phil Legge (owner of Brickfields) and Martin Potter (owner of Island Life) have decided to go ahead with plans for a new indoor local produce market. Martin commented “the Brickfields local produce market is going to be slightly different from existing markets which people are familiar with, Brickfields local produce market will be exciting, educational and fun with a fantastic range of fresh Island produce and products.” We asked Phil what will make this market special, “firstly the market is fully under cover, our cafe will also be selling food and refreshments throughout the evening. In addition to our fully licensed bar, their will be educational demonstrations for children, scheduled demonstrations from butchers, top island chefs, local growers and producers, and finally we have free parking for up to 200 cars.” It’s quite common that local markets are held during a weekday and many people on the island unfortunately work during the week, because the Brickfields market is being held during the evening, it will make it more accessible to people. The market is scheduled to be held on a Monday 80 afternoon/evening from 4pm through to 8pm, Phil added “initially we will run a four week pilot scheme to test the water, and if the market is supported well it will become a regular Monday evening event at Brickfields. “Because we are holding the market in the evening we hope to capture a whole new customer base, those that unfortunately have to work during a weekday. The Brickfields market will operate slightly differently from existing markets, there will be no restrictions on stalls, thus offering a wide variety of choice to the customer.” Andy Gustar from Hamiltons commented “competition is healthy and I have no problem that their will be other butchers/farmers selling their meat, this gives more choice for the customer and will make for a much better market overall. At the end of the day customers vote with their feet, I just have to ensure that our product is superior, that’s business.” Like all new ventures it will take time for the word to get around the island, and the fact that Brickfields is only a 5-10min drive from Tesco’s is also good news. The success of this market will be down to islander’s, whether or not they wish to buy fresh local produce, we sincerely hope that they vote with their feet and turn up and support our local farmers. Picture: This picture says it all, this is what a local market is all about, small farmers, producers selling their wares direct. Over 40 stalls planned! At the time of going to press we had managed to contact the local producers listed below who have kindly agreed to attend. Over the next 4 weeks we will be contacting more traders, in the hope to attract at least 40 stalls on the evening. If you would like a pitch then please call 01983 861422 so as you can be included within this list in time for the April/ May 2007 issue. Stalls so far - You can get further details of the companies listed below by turning to page 74/75 1. Hamiltons Butchers 2. Rare Breeds Chinashop 3. Island Fresh Lamb 4. Isle of Wight Bacon 5. Wight Aberdeen Angus 6. The Captain Stan 7. The Garlic Farm 8. The Wight Hamper Company 9. Adgestone Vineyard 10. Rosemary Vineyard 11. Rossiters Vineyard 12. Terry Willis (Honey) 13. Wight Milk 14. Dry Cured Bacon Co. 15. IW Cheese Company 16. Wight Aberdeen Angus 17. Horringford Farm Shop 18. Briddlesford Farm Shop 19. Food for Thought 20. Four Winds Farm Shop 21. Farmer Jacks Sponsored by -