Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 76

ISLAND LIFE prsenets The 2007 Food and The entry form for our first Island Life Food and Drink Awards is published on page 79. If you’re wondering what criteria you should be using to nominate entries, here are some suggestions that you might consider. Butcher/Meat Producer of the Year Ask your butcher/meat producer questions regarding where his meat comes from. Check the variety of produce on sale. Question their principles regarding traceability and their knowledge of hanging meats. Do they know about cuts of local meat? How would your butcher/meat producer deal with a complaint regarding a joint of meat and would they be willing to change their supply because of the complaint? Best Specialist Food Shop This category is for shops that specialise in specific produce, ie cooked meats, fruit and vegetables, bread or fish. You could nominate your favourite delicatessen, greengrocer, baker or fishmonger. Look at their standards of hygiene, value for money and helpfulness of staff. Is there a good variety of food and is it fresh and exciting? Do they stock local produce? Is the produce clearly labelled? Is there good use of seasonal produce? Best Farm Shop The key to a good farm shop is the principles that the owner supports, together with the range of produce and layout. Is the shop working as a co-operative? Is there a good variety of produce and is it grown or raised on that farm and if not, would the staff or owner be able to tell you where it’s from? What is the quality of the food and ingredients like? Is the service friendly and do the staff know about the produce on sale? 76 ISLAND L IFE FOOD & DRINK AWARDS 2007 Your chance to support and promote the finest food & drink on the Isle of Wight The Food & Drink Awards will take place November 07 . Keep reading Island Life for more details of the 2007 awards. Best Organic Product/Trader For this category we would like to know why an organic product that you have sampled is better than its non-organic equivalent. Take into account taste, quality, value for money and the variety of products available. What drew you to buy from this shop? Was it the diverse range of produce on sale or the excellent standard that we have learnt to expect from organic production? Best Food Producer of the Year This is where you can nominate the person who actually rears the cattle, grows the vegetables, produces the pickles and supplies the shops. How have they brought their produce to the market place? What is the quality of the produce like and has it been locally grown? Are all the ingredients listed and easy to read on the packaging? How has the produce been promoted and is it the right price for the market? Drinks Producer of the Year This is your chance to nominate some of the best drinks producers on the Isle of Wight. Do they specialise in production of beer, cider, wine, apple juice or spring water or do they sell several products? Are the ingredients used fresh and natural and do they use high quality, traditional varieties of hops and barley for their beers? We would like to hear about vineyards, orchards, breweries and the people behind them. How have they brought their product to the market place, is their packaging easy to read and do their products contain artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings? It’s really important you vote! Vote online at Island Life -