Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 67

FOOD & DRINK - life A dish to rush home for! By Andy Gustar - Hamiltons At this dark and chilly time of year, we all crave “comfort food” at the end of a working day – and what could be more sustaining than a traditional warming beef casserole? Butcher Andy Gustar of Hamilton’s Fine Food reckons this classic dish is one of the best ways to enjoy some good English braising steak. This economical cut, off the chuck or forequarter of the animal, costs around £5.50-6.50 a kilo, as compared to £10 for rump steak – but it will still produce a dish that’s fit for a king. To produce a good casserole for four people, you’ll need a kilo of braising steak, which you should have cut into one-inch cubes by your butcher. You’ll also need three good-sized carrots, a medium-sized onion (or 5-6 shallots), and a goodsized parsnip and/or swede. Add courgettes if you like them, and for more substance, add in a couple of medium-sized potatoes. As Andy says, adding in extra vegetables will make it easy to hit the recommended five-a-day target. Preparing the casserole couldn’t be easier: 1. Chop the onion and cut all vegetables into bite-sized pieces. 2. Brown the steak by frying lightly in olive oil and season with salt and pepper, and then brown off the onion in the meat juices before transferring into a l &vP