Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 57

EQUESTRIAN - life Q. What’s the maximum number of horses that you have shod in one day? A. Nigel Johnson and myself once shod 19 in one day. Q. Do you refuse to shoe some horses, if so why? A. Once upon a time I thought there wasn’t a horse that I thought I could not shoe, but now I’m a bit older and wiser discretion is a better part of valour. Years ago it was acceptable to twitch them or show some authority but you cannot do this nowadays. Q. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened when you have been shoeing a horse? A. There was a horse that we were shoeing which was going to be sold to a client, and the owner selling the horse wasn’t very knowledgeable. The people who came to buy the In the old days Malcolm used to make the horses shoes from scratch. Q. What’s been your favourite horse and why? A. I’m not going to retire... I would I’ve had quite a few, the most without getting under a horse now memorable horse was a Hanoverian and then. I don’t want to stop! horse disputed the height of it, and before? they said to the women “you say it’s Yes I do more and more each time I 16 hands have you had a stick on go. Michael Poland introduced me it?” to which the owner replied “no to it 25 years ago. Eventually I took we don’t use sticks and we don’t use his place as Joint Master when his spurs either.” health failed. Downer. I Hunted him for 9 seasons Q. What are your hobbies? on the Island and sadly it expired A. Q. What’s the most common problem you come across when shoeing horses? Q. In your opinion has the sport been ruined by the new legislation? on the hunting field, unfortunately I Livery Company, I’m a real petrol was riding him at the time! head (I like fast cars). A. Incompetent people that blame A. No! Q. What will you do when you retire? Q. You used to love riding in the Scurry, why not now? their incompetence on the animals. Q. How much was a set of shoes when you first started? A. When I came to the IW I put the price up to £2 and 5 Shillings and seize up! I could not function which I bought from a butcher Greg Hunting, shooting, Farriers A. I won once, you have to move Oh what it is to be a farrier! Malcolm loves his fast cars especially his new addition an Aston Martin DB7 Convertible. there was uproar. I took over from Hurst, (yes your local ironmongers! Peter Hunt) Q. Would you recommend becoming a farrier? The trades been good to me and I have seen some big changes, Yes I would. Q. How many years have you been hunting and where, do you enjoy it now as much as Sponsored by Froghill and Brickfields 57