Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 50

life - EQUESTRIAN Julie is set for the 2007 World Championships Julie Hoskyns is a determined lady to say the least. Julie who originally come from Hambledon in Hampshire used to show jump in her early 20’s on the mainland. Like most women she got married, had children and got stuck in the house. “I was bored senseless, I nagged my husband for months and eventually in 1992 he gave in and bought me a pony & trap, Oh yes! I nearly forgot he also included an instruction manual, as 50 I had no idea at all about carriage driving. Why pony and trap I asked, because the whole family can get involved, my husband replied.” Julie is a highly competitive person and because of this her pony had to be better than all her competitors. Julie started entering local shows and winning. “We got better and better and eventually we got to the stage where a better pony & trap were needed in order to proceed further in the sport.” Julie moved to the Island in 1996 and soon got bored driving one pony, so she decided to invest in another pony, this decision enabled her to compete in the pairs class. “In 1998 we started to enter local shows and ventured further afield onto the mainland to compete in pairs competitions.” In 2000 Julie again was itching, so she sold her pair of ponies, which broke her heart and bought bigger and better ponies. Julie spent the year of 2000 breaking her new ponies in and in 2001 started to compete at National level during 2002, throughout this period Julie did not have the time to compete locally. 2002 was not a good year for Julie “I had a serious accident, which smashed most of my ribs and broke my pelvis which was really painful, also one of the ponies was quite badly injured, so we all had to take a year off to recover.” Julie started carriage driving again in 2003 and although she was good Sponsored by Froghill and Brickfields