Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 40

life - COUNTRYSIDE & FARMING Left to Right - Sue Fielden, Judith Hammer, Elizabeth |Peace, Mary Chapman Jim Dearden, Jason Bellamy, Kat Chapman, Mark Ruttledge,Martin Davies, Teddy Kennett, Roly Street, (obscured Jason French) Ann Taylor The Isle of Wight Foot Beagles celebrate 100 years. TEN years ago, with antihunt legislation on the horizon, the members of the Isle of Wight Foot Beagles were convinced their days were numbered and made a point of celebrating their 90th birthday. A decade later around 100 proud members and supporters turned out to celebrate the centenary. Despite restrictions that have made hunting more difficult, the Foot Beagles are going from strength to strength. Treasurer Graham Avery says: “We’ve gained more members since the ban’s come in. “I think it aroused people’s curiosity. We’ve got 70 full members and a lot of ‘friends’ who come to follow and support us at meets.” One hundred years ago Henry 40 Young, of Little East Standen Farm, led out the first Foot Beagles Hunt on 14th January 1907. On 13th January 2007 the current owners of Little East Standen, Carolyn and Donald Campbell, invited huntsman Jason Bellamy to do the same. The hounds were ‘boxed on’ to Heasley at the other end of Arreton village - the location of that first hunt all those years ago. The Campbell’s are warm supporters of the hunt and have lived at Little East Standen for 40 years. They also hosted the hunt’s 90th anniversary in 1997. Mrs Campbell says: “This is a precious thread. What else could link a community together like this? “A cricket match is too parochial; each village has its own supporters but this unites the whole island. People come from all over to support. “It’s very exciting to feel the Donald & Carolyn Campbell Peter Marsden Chairman & Master of the Day with Jason Bellamy Island Life -