Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 30

life - WAVE 105 Q &A Q: What was your first job? DJ at Wiltshire Radio in Swindon. I was 15 and the nice people at the station let me loose on the people of Wiltshire..... I’m still afraid to show my face north of Salisbury! Start your workday with Carlos, on Wave 105 every weekday morning from 9 - kicking off with the Golden Hour. A blue 1975 Mini 1000 - I did that thing every teenage boy does - added big wheels and a distorted stereo but unfortunately it didn’t impress the girls! Can’t understand why!!! place in the world? What’s your most favourite place in the South? Shell Bay, just across from Sandbanks. I spent so much time there as a kid in the late 60’s and through the 70’s and I still love walking along that beach, sunbathing in the dunes or just enjoying the view - and that’s not the shocking sight of those naked folks further along Studland!!! What’s your favourite Song? Q: most Depending on my mood - Luther Vandross - Never Too Much or America - Ventura Highway. Film? I love Midnight Cowboy, but I’m still partial to the original Italian Job. TV Show as an adult? Spitting Image (in it’s heyday) TV show as a child? Thunderbirds Worst present: A knitted poncho! 30 How do you spend your leisure time? Collecting fountain pens - I have a substantial and rather expensive collection - odd for someone who has a job to write his own name. I enjoy mountain biking and eating out - too much (the evidence is just above my belt) It’s already happened!! I was in Harrods in the mid 90’s - and I was squashed against Liz Hurley - for a moment I was in heaven, but unfortunately she went to the lingerie department and I didn’t fancy spending the night in the cells in Knightsbridge. Q: What’s your most favourite Q: My time keeping is atrocious What person you’d most like to be trapped in a lift with? Q: What was your first car? Naples, Florida - I love the States, but this is the place I have visited many, many times since I discovered it back in the early 90’s. It has lovely beaches and is so classy and exclusive - I’m surprised they let me stay there. What’s your worst habit? What person would you least like to be trapped in a lift with? Myself - I’d never get a word in edgeways. Carlos began his love affair with radio at the age of 5, when he set up a radio station in his bedroom! Practice paid off and by the age of 15, he was working at his local radio station in Swindon, Wiltshire. Carlos soon had his own show and appeared in the tabloid press and on national television as Britain’s youngest professional radio presenter. A full time career beckoned and Carlos became part of the new West Country regional station, GWR and after a thoroughly enjoyable apprenticeship working alongside radio legends such as Johnnie Walker and Bob Harris he moved to Signal Radio in Stoke On Trent to present their drivetime show. After a spell at Red Dragon Radio in Cardiff Carlos took over the breakfast show at Northants 96. Over 5 years ‘Carlos and The Breakfast Bunch proved a huge success and he even appeared in panto alongside Barbara Windsor. In 1993 he got a call from Fame Academy Headmaster, Richard Park who was building his new team for BRMB in Birmingham. Over 4 years at the station he built up a huge following with regular appearances hosting the station’s big roadshows; many with audiences of 70,000! He opened a shop with Robbie Williams, shared a dressing room with The Backstreet Boys and was twice attacked by The Spice Girls. Carlos joined Wave 105 in the summer of 2005 after 8 years as the morning show host on the Midland’s biggest radio station, 100.7 Heart fm where he achieved record audiences for the station. His family originates from Weymouth where his great grandfather was a naval officer and as a kid he spent almost every weekend in the New Forest – so many of the ponies might remember him terrorising them on his Chopper! When he’s not on the air Carlos enjoys cycling around the countryside and is a keen video photographer. He loves taking holidays in the States, so much that one year he went there five times! He loves the countryside, eating out, theatre, watching films and driving fast cars. What cartoon character do you most associate yourself with? Homer Simpson - as I get older I seem to have so much in common with him and his appetite. What’s the most embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you? A dodgy tap at Gatwick airport left me with damp patches all over the front of my trousers and I had to rush to a departure gate with everyone thinking I had wet my trousers! I was only washing my hands - HONEST. What’s the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you? Being on stage with The Spice Girls and trying to get them to behave only to have Mel B and Geri trying to strip me of my clothes. Island Life -