Island Life Magazine Ltd February/March 2007 - Page 11

TRAVEL - life sponsored by have always been cheerful, even when working over Christmas. I did not expect to spend Christmas in hospital, but the Friends of St Mary’s, disguised as Santa and his helpers, were very jolly. The NHS still provides treatment free at the point of delivery, which is great. But there are other things in the system which worry me. Bedside television at £3.50 a day and telephone calls at 49p a minute must be making a big profit for Patientline, its operators. There are no automatic discounts for patients on benefits – but it seems that prisoners are provided it free by the Home Office. When it was installed we were told it was also supposed to be used by medical staff to provide information to help them care for patients, but that doesn’t seem to be happening. The minimum parking charge at St Mary’s is £1.20 for two hours, but that doesn’t seem right if you are just making a very quick visit to drop something off or check what is happening. Relatives of long-term patients can get parking permits, but I have been told that is not well publicised in some parts of the hospital. I shall pursue these points when I am back at work. I am very proud to represent the Isle of Wight, and I have learned that the people of the Island are truly generous and kind. I have had hundreds of goodwill cards and Island Life - www.isleof