Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 89

FASHION, HEALTH & BEAUTY life Christmas Gift Ideas from Orchard Cosmetic Orchard New Year resolutions It’s a time of year when we all want to look and feel special. But it’s also a time to make resolutions. At the Orchard Clinic, Dr Máire Rhatigan has a few thoughts on both. Mole check It’s a good time to bite the bullet and sort out those niggly little health worries once and for all. At the Orchard we’ve been offering free mole checks – and many people have had their minds put at rest. Due to the rise in cases of malignant melanoma it really is important that moles that appear to be changing shape or colour, or are getting larger, are looked at by a professional. It only takes ten minutes for a check, and the procedure for their removal, should it be necessary, is very straightforward – so make an appointment and pop in. Fix and fill Fine lines or deep furrows can