Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 88

life EQUESTRIAN FASHION HEALTH & BEAUTY Photo: Dr Maire Rhatigan - Orchard Cosmetic Skin Centre at St James Clinic Christmas gifts & Special Offers Before treatment After treatment • Gift vouchers available • Free consultation for injectable wrinkle treatments ( • Free mole check service • Free underarm IPL / Laser hair removal with every course booked for another body area • For men, free consultation for IPL / Laser hair + test patch • 10% off any treatment if you refer a friend, your friend gets 10% off too men dare to be bare Men are paying more attention to their appearance than they ever have before. But the reason men want to rid themselves of bodily hair isn’t necessarily to do with vanity, Dr Maire Rhatigan of the Orchard Cosmetic Skin Centre tells Roz Whistance “Men have a pretty hard time of it,” says Dr Maire Rhatigan. “We expect them to make the best of themselves but they’re saddled with the traditional idea that it’s not masculine to pay attention to their body image.” That is changing, however. Hair salons report that they are seeing more and more men, not just for styling, but for colouring, eyebrow shaping and massage. It is part and parcel of an interest in fashion and style, and even in waxing to remove unwanted hair. “The welcome mat look is a bit passé,” said one stylist. At the Orchard clinic Dr Rhatigan sees an 88 increasing number of men who want to get rid of their body hair permanently. “Some men are very hairy indeed,” she says – “and they don’t like it. Shoulders and backs are a particular worry to some, but I also do abdominals and pecs.” “I have had clients who won’t take off their shirts on the beach because they are concerned about being hairy, or they’re afraid to be seen at the swimming pool. Some are so conscious of their body hair that it stops them from being physically close to another person – which can end a relationship before it’s really begun.” Waxing, as well as bringing a tear to the eye, is an imperfect solution because of the need to wait till the hair has grown long again before the next treatment. In-growing hairs can also be a problem. At the Orchard clinic, Dr Rhatigan treats clients with Intense Pulsed Light (IPL). “The light is absorbed by the pigment in the hair, which goes into the follicle deep within the skin, and the heat from the light destroys the follicle,” she explains. “A minimum of six treatments are necessary because of the hair cycle, and these must be a month apart because all the hairs may not be in the active phase in the cycle at any one time.” In the vast majority of cases the hair becomes soft and downy, then stops growing completely. “Men who reach middle age – the “male menopause” can develop a new coat of hair which goes over their back and shoulders. It’s an upsetting reminder of their age, so to have a permanent solution is for many men a huge relief. The Orchard clinic is offering men a free consultation and a test patch to see how they react to the treatment. The Island's new funky radio station