Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 86

life EQUESTRIAN - Sponsored by Brickfields and Froghill Tack Alan Titchmarsh gilding the beast. The Gilten Market 2008 The Isle of Wight is the only place in the British Isles that has a Gilten Market. It’s always held in the first week of December and celebrated by gilding the horns of the winning steer, called the Gilten Beast, with gold. The origin of the tradition has been lost in the mists of time, possibly it was once an ancient pagan custom but there’s no proof. By holding the market at the beginning of December, it encouraged IW farmers to produce top quality beef for the Isle of Wight butchers to buy for Christmas. This saved the IW butchers travelling to the mainland to purchase their Christmas beef. They kept it in insulated containers cooled by ice from the ice factory, 86 Alan Titchmarsh (left) pictured with David Biles and Michael Holiday and if they had bought any of the winning steers they would display the rosettes and prize cards in their windows. This year Alan Titchmarsh, High Sheriff attended and gilded the horns of the winning steer, which was purchased at a new record price by David Holmes. This years event was held at Brickfields Horse Country and hosted by Mr Phil Legge. Auctioneer, Ian Souter The Island's new funky radio sta tion