Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 38

life FEATURE PHOTO ABOVE: Damion and his new wife Kerry-Anne pictured holding the Eagle Owl She married her knight in shining armour The 17th church of St Boniface hasn’t been around long enough to have seen anything like it before. A congregation of medieval knights and their ladies gathered there to witness the marriage of Lord Damion Philips to his bride Kerry-Anne Holroyd. Damion performs stunt jousts, and follows the Tutonic knight order. “It’s part of my life – so I wasn’t going to have a standard wedding,” he says. Indeed not. Invitations, on a scroll, had been hand-delivered to all the Island-based guests by court jester and Robin Hood, and their costumes were provided by the groom. He also designed the bride’s dress, though leaving Kerry-Anne to add her own touches. Their children, KC-Leigh 38 and Logan, were miniature medievalists. Due to a bit of wear and tear on his own suit of armour – jousting tends to cause a few dents – Damion commissioned a suit from metal-workers in India, through a charity which supports children who have nothing. “I emailed them the design and it was all brilliant except the knee-joints were on the wrong way round,” he laughs. Birds of prey added to the atmosphere at The Friend’s Hotel, Sandown, where guests caroused afterwards. “It was crazy,” says the new Lady Philips. The Island's new funky radio station