Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 29

INTERVIEW fatalities, but one sustained severe injuries and had to be treated on the track. It brought it home to James that despite all the safety features of the cars, these men were driving very powerful machines very fast and accidents could be serious. The ability to drive these high performance cars at speeds approaching 200kph (120mph) on a circuit through varying weather and light conditions is a real test of skill. The pit lane is a frantic environment. Periods of sitting around waiting are interspersed with frenetic activity. The event at Silverstone was very professional. Although there were four main drivers a huge backup of mechanics, computer technicians and caterers are required to keep the team and the car going for the whole weekend. It is a hugely expensive and logistical tricky exercise. Vast amounts of food and drink are needed during the weekend for drivers, the team and visiting sponsors. Hot meals and snacks are prepared throughout the day and night. Everything – cookers, fridges, tables, chairs, china, cutlery – has to be brought onto the site, as does all the garage maintenance equipment, for repairs during the race. “So many people are involved,” says James, “it really is a team event.” Away from the excitement of motor racing James lives in a beautiful Grade II listed manor house near Niton with his wife Julia and four of their children. James has two daughters, Georgia and Tabitha, from a previous marriage and Julia has two sons, Oliver and Thomas, from a previous marriage to another racing driver, Mark Lovell, who died tragically in a racing accident in America in 2003. Together they have a daughter Freya aged two. Their chocolate Labrador, Toast, as well as various cats, pigs, chickens, a lamb and horses, complete the family. James's day often starts with feeding the chickens and pigs before driving the children to school, and then going on to work in Southampton. This means much time is spent on Red Funnel ferries but he says it is worth it to live on the Island. James moved to the Island in 2005. They found the house of their dreams, a beautiful property and gardens, with space for the children and animals in a wonderful setting. The mature garden with a sunken Italianate knot garden, life established shrubs Right James Kaye pictured and plants and trees with team members. frames the house perfectly. James admits the success of the garden and the new planting is Julia’s: “I just mow the grass and chop the logs.” Whilst driving fast cars may be James’s love, practicality and a large family mean his current vehicles may be Mitsubishi Evo 10 driven elegant and top by James Kaye of the range but are usually filled with children, dogs and all the paraphernalia that comes with families. James’s determination and fitness has never been in doubt. Competing in a two-day bike ride in Wales, and in attention to detail he follows recipes the Island’s “Seven precisely, weighing and measuring. For Hills Killer” races are “just for gV