Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 23

INTERVIEW life Photo: Alison Eade pictured in full swing at the Medina theatre every year, which she plans and casts herself . “I’m a loner. I don’t like committees. I just go and do it. It’s a bit scary, because once I’ve hired the theatre then I’ve got to do something about it.” This year featured Sondheim’s Weekend in the Country, a challenging piece with five or six people singing against each other, all with stories to tell. Each year’s production reflects her incredibly diverse musical experience and her deeply diverse musical tastes; “I love Puccini because of the emotion he expresses: but then I love Neil Diamond for the same reason.” The workshops, as well as enabling people to find their long-lost voices, have benefitted the communities in other ways: Totland church hall received a large cheque, enabling a face lift to befit the many theatrical events it stages. And Alison has a dream.: “I would like to see the whole of the Isle of Wight singing at Carisbrooke Castle in the open air. I would hand out sheets with the words, and I would conduct, and they could bring a picnic and maybe there’d be fireworks. I think there’s a whole wealth of people who just want to sing. I say it doesn’t matter if you’re not wonderful, if you get it wrong, if you make a mistake or the sound is awful, but I just want you to get something from it!” Alison Eade’s workshop choir will perform at St Mary’s, Cowes, on 13th Dec 7.30; at the church hall, Totland, on 14 Dec, (Sunday 2.30pm). For details about workshops or singing lessons contact Alison Eade, 01983 282933. The Island's new funky radio station 23