Island Life Magazine Ltd December 2008/January 2009 - Page 111

WIGHTFM new shows." free. The station directors have Some people may ask is it value ensured the station is state for money, the answer is YES just of the art. William Smith about everybody owns a PC or commented "It is vital that if laptop and sales of Wi-Fi radio you do something you do it to are very looking encouraging for the best of your ability. We have 09. ensured that the studio has all "My experience in setting the latest up to date equipment up Island Life magazine from and we have created a pleasant scratch and turning it into a working environment for the successful lifestyle magazine team. I am a Radio 4 listener, but has taught me a lot about the I must admit I am quite excited interests of Island people. My and looking forward to the new latest venture with William, the phone-in" Isle of Wight Gazette, reaches Because wightFM is being over 36,000 Islanders every played out over the internet and fortnight and we will be using Wi-Fi radio it is quite important all of the marketing resources that the web site is interactive available to us to ensure our with the listener. A lot of time new venture wightFM is equally and money has been invested successful. into the web site. Martin "Because wightFM is commented "The web site is broadcast via the internet there vital to our success. We have are great opportunities for local spent a lot of time looking at companies to advertise on our various sites and we feel that our web site." site will provide the listener with This is a ground breaking good quality sound, a great radio station with a strong news & photo section, and the programming team. We hand best feature will be the "listen picked all our presenters for again" section, where we will be this exciting new project for storing all the best bits of that there wealth of knowledge and days shows online for listeners expertise. It is already planned for when they get home. that wightFM will be at the 09 "We plan to run test Garlic Festival and Mega Wheels. transmissions in January and we expect to go live the new year. Listeners will have to pick up the Isle of Wight Gazette for the latest news on wightFM." One big question is how will the station be funded? Martin commented "The station will be funded by advertising. Currently a 30 second slot on FM radio is around £15, we will be considerably cheaper for a 30 second slot. Another saving will be production. We are providing a free production service, so we will make Justin Gladdis - bringing you great news advertisers ads for life Island Book Review By Paul Armfield Whenever I tell my bookselling colleagues up and down the country about how popular the new book about Ghosts on the Isle of Wight has been, the response is usually one of hilarity that such a book exists, when I then tell them that it is actually book seven in the series, I am met with open-jawed looks of incredulity. What comes as a surprise to them is not only the quantity of new Island based publications but also the quality. Each season sees a regular flow of well written and lovingly put together new titles that cover all aspects of Island life both past and present, and this Winter is no exception. Bringing us right up to date is Rocken Edge (£7.99) the third novel in the hugely popular Undercliff series by local author Wendy K Harris. These wonderful tales of modern Island life have been bestsellers in Germany, and it is not unusual to find the stray German tourist wandering the lanes of St Lawrence seeking out the locations featured in Wendy’s novels. Over here they have been a word-of-mouth sensation- a great read. Coming forward in time to the Second World War, The War Before Mine (£6.99) is a very assured debut novel by Caroline Ross- daughter of former Island MP Stephen Ross. With parts of the novel taking place in Calbourne the childhood home of the author, this is a vibrant tale of wartime romance along the lines of Birdsong. The Island's new funky radio station Cock And Bull Stories (£4.95) is a lovingly put together selection of references to animals, birds and insects which have featured in Island folklore, tradition and language. Author Alan R Phillips has been meticulous in gathering information and has presented it in a way that is a delight to read. Touching at the heart of our rural heritage this is a book that every Islander will want to read. 111