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PRE-EXHAUST TRAINING Improve your form, keep your body balanced and continue progressing. H By By Heather Neff, CPT ave you tried pre-ex- haust training? Though it’s not a new method, pre-exhaust training is gaining in popularity, and for good reasons. Whether you are trying to gain in muscle size, strength or even in- crease your endurance, pre-exhaust training is something that’s sure to help. If you’re like most people, you go to the gym to improve yourself in more ways than one way. You train hard, count reps, complete your sets, regularly add weight to the bar and are always striving for progress. After all, that’s what success- ful training is all about. With pre-exhaust training, progression is a main factor. It not only helps you move towards your goals, pre-exhaust training also ensures your muscles stay in balance, your form improves and you are always keeping it challenging. As we all know, challenge makes change. The Concept With pre-exhaust training, you perform an isolation exercise for a high number of reps before switching to a compound movement for the same muscle group. For instance, you would complete two or three sets of 12 to 15 reps of dumb- bell concentration curls and then begin performing standing barbell curls. It seems to be the exact opposite of what you’ve always been told to do: Heavy compound lifts before isola- tion exercises. With this pre-exhaust method, you’ll be fatiguing the main muscles before moving on to your compound movement that incorpo- rates other muscles. The target muscle will already be worked enough before the other muscles give out first. Why 6 SEPTEMBER 2017 | TRAIN TO GAIN