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THE BLUEPRINT ANTI AGING MAKING THE RIGHT DECISIONS What you put into your body goes a long way to maintaining your health. By Jay Campbell and Jim Brown In today’s world of Internet gurus and Google doctors, it’s incredibly important to make rational decisions when choos- ing what goes into your body. Doing so can be the difference between building muscle, enhancing longevity and sabotag- ing your body’s regeneration process. With that in mind, we tackle three issues that often come into play when trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle: Injectable nutrients, optimal omega fatty acid ratios and post-diet consumption. Injectable L-carnitine is one such example. In our empirical experiments, it took roughly three times the amount of orally supplemented L-carnitine to equate the same amount of injected L-carnitine. However, to be effective you’re look- ing at 200mg a day necessary to be injected. That adds a significant volume to your injection schedule. Even though it’s water based and dissipates fast, 3ccs of anything daily is still a pain in the butt, literally. Injectable Nutrients From our bodybuilding perspective, the use of some inject- able nutrients are effective and seemingly worth the money. Tri Amino, for instance, is a combination made up of three amino acids: Arginine, ornithine and citrulline all in 100mg amounts per 1ml of solution. The typical recommendation 72 SEPTEMBER 2017 |