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“ Compound moves should be the foundation for any exercise program. “ Next, your workout routine needs to include the basics. Compound moves should be the foundation for any exer- cise program. These are moves such as squats, presses, deadlifts and lunges. They work multiple joints and target several muscle groups. Compound moves are also essential for your core. Trust me: A person with a six-pack doesn’t just do abs workouts all the time. They’re doing the work with the big lifts and working in core isolation moves as well. The Core-Centric Moves To get a strong midsection that’s sculpted and also highly functional for your everyday life, working out and sports, you need to think 360 degrees. The core is the front, side and back. If one piece is lagging, it’s going to throw things off so it’s very important to bal- ance it out. The Plank This move hits nearly every muscle on your body when done correctly and can light your core up. Start in a prone posi- tion with your feet and knees together and elbows directly below your shoul- ders. With your forearms planted on the fl oor, lift your knees off the fl oor so you create a straight line from head to toe. Squeeze your abdominals, glutes and quads and remember to breathe during this hold. Aim for 30 seconds for two or three sets. Need something more challenging? Grab a kettlebell or weight plate. You’ll be executing this move on your hands this time instead of your elbows, but the same principles apply. Place the kettlebell or weight plate just below and outside your right hand. Keeping your hips square and plank intact, reach through with your right arm and drag the kettlebell or plate across. Repeat with the other side. The Side Plank Much more challenging than the nor- mal plank, the side plank loses at least two points of contact. Lie on your side with your elbow below your shoulder and your legs stacked. Lift your hip so you create a straight line from your armpit to your ankle. Hold this for two or three sets of 20 seconds and remember to hit both sides. Single-Leg Hip Extension A powerful backside is essential for a strong core. Nowadays, lower back pain is quite common and a strong backside can be the cure. Single-leg hip exten- sions are a great way to target your glutes. Lie on your back with your feet below your knees. Dig your heels in and lift your toes. Lift your hips toward the ceiling, pressing one heel into the fl oor as the other foot is lifted off the fl oor. Lower to the ground after you reach full hip extension and alternate sides. Perform 8 to 10 reps for two or three sets and your glutes will become much stronger. Pallof Press Coined as an anti-rotation exercise, the key is to resist the rotation and, for lack of a better phrase, hold your line. Grab a resistance band or pulley and inter- lock your fi ngers. With your side facing the pulley machine or resistance band anchor, sit in an athletic stance with your feet wide and knees slightly bent with an even posture. Bring the handle to your sternum and press the handle straight out until your arms are fully extended before slowly bringing it back to the starting position. The goal is to avoid rotating or moving your midsec- tion. Hit both sides for two or three sets of 8 to 10 reps. The Farmer’s Carry (with two weights) If you’re just starting out, opt for something a little lighter to test it out before eventually aiming to carry half your bodyweight in each hand for at least 25 to 50 yards. When perform- ing this exercise, have the weights by your sides, assume a tall posture with shoulders back and squeeze through your midsection. The Suitcase Carry (with one weight) The challenge is in maintaining an upright posture and not compensat- ing. This will specifi cally target the side without the weight as you attempt to balance things out. The Waiter’s Carry (with one weight) Using one dumbbell or kettlebell, you’ll need to tone down the weight a little bit from the previous two exercises as the weight is going overhead. Fully extend your arm and maintain an upright pos- ture as you start walking. Keep the arm fully extended the entire time and your midsection will be on fi re. A Quick Note About the Carry Moves The goal is to carry heavy weight for as long as you possibly can with the farmer’s carry, suitcase carry and wait- er’s carry. Heavy weight for all three is important. Carrying heavy objects is a great w ^H[YHۛH[\ܙK][[\[\HH[HX[\[\X\]K]8&\[YH[B[ۘ[[H\HY]\H^HB\ۛX[XY^[KHTSPT M