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THE BLUEPRINT ABS, NOW! THE HARDGAINER The exercises and focus you need to craft the eye-popping abs you want. By Adam Clark, CPT S ummer is gone. But, do the memories still linger? Are you one of those people who always wore a T-shir t to the beach? Were you uncomfort- able because of your stomach? You weren’t the only one. The good thing is a few simple steps combined with some hard work can leave you feeling good about your body and developing those abdominals that you always wanted. Next year will be different! Getting Focused First, take your focus off your abs and place it more on your core. Abdominals are just one piece of your core and for them to become stronger you need to get with the bigger picture. Your core is what connects your upper and lower halves. If you have a weak core, you’re more susceptible to injury and you won’t be as strong in the upper and lower halves. If you want to develop a carved out midsec- tion, start with nutrition. Ever heard of the expression, “You can’t out exercise a bad diet?” Well, it’s true. Cut out the junk. Forget fast food, pro- cessed foods, canned foods and all that junk. Feed your body premium fuel with lean meats such as chicken, healthy fats such as salmon and nuts, good carbohy- drates like fruit and vegetables and plenty of water. This is your first step. Second, how’s your cardio game? You can do crunches all day, but you still aren’t go- ing to get a six-pack. There’s no such thing as spot-reduction fat loss so you need to have something in your workout regimen that gets your heart rate up. The best way possible is interval training. This includes short bursts of high-intensity work such as sprinting followed by short periods of rest. It’s efficient, has strength benefits and is proven to crush body fat. 70 SEPTEMBER 2017 |