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THE BLUEPRINT POWER BUILDING ADD POWER & SIZE TO YOUR SHOULDERS A routine sure to bulk you up! By Heather Neff, CPT Want bolder, stronger shoulders with better definition? You came to the right place. Why? With the following workout, you will not only add size and definition to your shoulder muscles, you’ll also be afforded the luxury of having more power within all of your upper body workouts, keeping you challenged and advancing in every way possible. built and strong shoulders. Mirror aside, another reason you should want a strong set of shoulders is because shoulder strength and development is the basis of all of your major lifts. It’ll improve every upper body workout you do. How? By giving you more power, better performance and even enhancing your form while performing various exercises. Why So Much Of A Shoulder Focus? The most obvious &V6FWB6V6v&FW 6VFW'22&V6W6RBW7B2vW6RFfRvVvWFW"RƖgBf"v27G&VwF"FWF66N( 2vpF&VVfBRG&VVFW6ǒFf7W2W"6VFW'27'G27G&r6VFW'2&Vǒ6VBvWFW"^( &RF&pcB4UDT$U"#r&vR6