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LC: It’s really fun! I have a lot of people I consider friends from all over the world who I interact with regularly who I’ve never met in person. I get a lot of awesome recipes, great work out ideas and yoga inspiration from social media. IM: What does a regular day look like for you? LC: I wake up, drink my coffee (this is very, very important [laughs]), get my daughter going and off to school, go to the gym and either lift or practice yoga, teach a class or two, goof around with my daughter after school, eat dinner, do IM: Who inspires you? LC: My mom and dad. They’ve been married for over 40 years. That’s pretty damn inspiring. My teacher and mentor, Anthony Chavez. He has helped me fall in love with yoga and is just an amazing human being. My daughter – she inspires me to be the best version of myself I can be with her every day. IM: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given? LC: “Practice and all is coming.” It works in the context of yoga and for my life off of the yoga mat as well. To me it means, do the right thing, put in the work, but then step back and trust that the universe will take it from there. IM: What’s one mistake you learned from the most in life? LC: A lot of the mistakes that I’ve made have been the result of me being scared or unwilling to ask for help. Being self- reliant is great, but learning to depend on others and trust in something greater than myself has been a beautiful lesson. TRAINING SNAPSHOT A day-by-day breakdown: Monday – Lift weights Tuesday – Yoga Wednesday – Lift weights Thursday – Yoga Friday – Lift weights Saturday – Yoga Sunday – Chill, maybe a mellow yoga class if any- thing. I alternate between upper and lower body days for the days I lift. the bedtime routine and then work in bed emailing clients and planning classes for the next day. I’m always in bed by 9pm. It’s awesome. IM: What are three things your fans don’t know about you? LC: I can do this weird thing where I can turn my bellybutton inside out. It’s creepy and you don’t want to see. I’ve never seen Star Wars. I’m really sorry. Also I don’t like sushi. I think raw fi sh is gross and everyone who claims to like it is lying and just trying to impress people. IM: What can’t you live without? LC: La Croix sparkling water. I don’t drink “regular” fl at water unless I’m working out. IM: What’s your guilty pleasure? LC: Diet Coke. IM: What are your fi tness goals? LC: To be healthy, to feel good, to be a good example to my daughter as to how to take care of her body, to be active as long into life as possible, to look good, to feel good about myself and to have a nice booty. IM: What’s your favorite bodypart on yourself? LC: My abs. I work so hard to earn ‘em. IM: What’s your favorite bodypart on guys? LC: Shoulders. If those shoulders are covered in muscles and tattoos it’s a huge bonus. IM: How does your family life come into play with your thriving career and following? LC: Family is number one. Being a mom is number one. I get a lot of really cool opportunities and offers to travel and teach yoga, and while that may be part of my path one day, today I’m all about being home for those bedtime stories and soccer games. “I’ve never seen Star Wars.” | SEPTEMBER 2017 61