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PUBLISHER’S LETTER Back At It F or most people, September signifies the end of summer, which also means the end of their commitment in the gym for many months. When the average person isn’t so worried about their beach body, they tend to stop spending time working out and watching what they eat. But you’re not average, are you? Just by picking up this issue of Iron Man magazine, you made that pretty obvious. And not being average means that your commitment to your health, fitness and overall muscle-focused lifestyle is never going to diminish. So what does someone who cares so much about working out do near the end of summer? That’s easy! You get back to serious work. The gym crowd has thinned. Good. That means you have more space, more access and more chances to craft your best body. And that’s why you’re here. Within the pages that follow you’ll find everything you’ve come to expect from Iron Man: The best workouts, nutrition plans and advice you can find to being more than fit in today’s world. But there’s a lot more to Iron Man than just this. In fact, just one look at the cover story on Danny Hester is a great example. His is a story of success through hard work and commitment in every aspect of life. Another Iron Man story in this issue features our Hard Body star Lindsay Christiansen who’s a mom, trainer, yogi, fitness star and all-around inspiration for anyone who wants more out of life. And I know that’s another reason why you come to Iron Man: Real stories about real people living the surreal life of being super fit in the face of everyday life – just like you. So sit back and take it in and thanks for bringing us along on your journey to being your best every day. Binais Begovic Publisher Follow me on Instagram: @binais PUBLISHER/EDITOR IN CHIEF: Binais Begovic PUBLISHER/EDITORIAL DIRECTOR: Dr. Catherine Begovic LEAD PHOTOGRAPHER: Binais Begovic CREATIVE DIRECTOR: Rogelio Alvarado ASSOCIATE PHOTOGRAPHER: Clint Padilla VIDEO PRODUCTION: Joseph Inciong DIGITAL ME DD$T5D"4E$%UDrDu$U#FƖR֖怤%$BtU"4U2D$T5D#W7W"FV44TDrBeTdTBD$T5D#6VVFWUu55DB45TDCvVvFdrBĔRU0GvGFW#&vPf6V&f6V&6&p7Fw&Ӣ&vPUGV&S&vP66C&pB4UDT$U"#r&vR6Х$U4DTB4Tb4DTBdd4U#֖6VFRVFV&04T4dTDU#6&ƖR&4DTBD$T5D"UT5UDdRTDD#W2FRVFV&05$TDdRD$T5D#&6'VW04E$%UDrTDD#&Vf'F25@5Ddbu$DU#6&6GvV45@4E$%UD%3&&V4R5B6&'WF6W"F6&5BFR66$5452&&Ɨfw7F2$BVFW"Vfb5@4D5BU0&2&Vvf2T$ĕ4U#&4&vR6ФG"6FW&R&Vvf2T$ĕ4U W7W"FVEdU%D4rUT5UDdSW7W$&vR6Ф֖RWdd4R4$DD#f&vR63#Rs"5T%45$D3ӃSc7V'67&F4&vR6ХDR$$2tTB%t$BTEU$4PDu2B2U4TBTDU"Ĕ4T4RvR&W6W'fRFR&vBF&VV7BGfW'F6pBW"F67&WFvFWBWFW67&G2'B"FW"7V&֗760W7B&R66VB'6VbFG&W76VB7FVBVfVR6VB7V&֗762F$3sv6&R&fB7VFP3#&WfW&ǒ24#vR&PB&W76&Rf"V6Ɩ6FVBFW&w&FW'2BFw&W'26VB6V@f"W"wVFVƖW2WFƖr7V6f6F0f"7V&֗762$2Vf'VvR6&W6W'fRFR&vBFVF@WGFW""W67&B2vR6VRfB@F27V&֗GFVBfRƖVBvfW"`6&vBV6R67VB66&Vf&P&VvrFWB"WW&66R&w&W6PFRf&FV&Ɨ6VB$@W"v&6