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9 ACIDS REASONS TO TAKE BRANCHED-CHAIN AMINO If you are serious about your physique, you’ll seriously want to give this supplement a look. By Sarah Butcher BCAA: The name may sound like the answer to a grade school puzzle, but there’s truly nothing puzzling about this powerful supplement. BCAAs, or branched-chain amino acids, are es- sential nutrients obtained from food sources such as dairy, legumes and meat. There are three main types of BCAAs: Leucine, is WV6RBfƖRFW6&RW6VBFG&VBVW&W0F6V6W26VFrF6RffV7FrFPƗfW"FW( &R66ǒW6VB'wvW'2F&WfVBfFwVR7&V6PVW66R72BWfVf'FgFV VR77FV2S"4UDT$U"#r&vR6