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to hit the six to eight reps on the incline dumbbell press. The reverse pyramid rep scheme is extremely taxing, both on the nervous system and muscles. Before attempting the reverse pyramid, make sure you’re properly warmed up because the first set is the heaviest. Normally you’d build up to your heaviest weight and drop the reps as you go. Here you’ll do the opposite. The first set will be the heaviest weight you can handle for six to eight reps. Then you’ll decrease the weight by 2.5 to 5 percent and again hit six to eight reps. You’ll repeat this drop in weight for the last set still performing six to eight reps. This method ensures that you are truly using the maximum amount of weight on each set, thoroughly fatiguing your chest. If you’re not used to this method, it may take one to two weeks to figure out what weight to use. Once you have the weight for the first set down, you’ll be able to clearly track progress and know to increase the weight if you hit more than eight reps. Using the reverse pyramid won’t only be making you consistently stronger, it’ll save you from the ongoing guesswork of what weight to use so you can get to work in the gym. The Finisher: Bench Press 21s It’s a fact: 21s aren’t just for blackjack and biceps. To cash out of this workout, you’re going to need to stay mentally strong. Your chest will already be pumping from the post- exhaust superset, but you’ll only need to last two more sets. Bench press 21s will focus on the lower half of the rep, the upper half of the rep and then the complete range of mo- tion. Completing 21 reps, even if 14 of them are only half reps, is no joke. Start light (no more than 50 percent of your one-rep max) and have a spotter. Although it’s the finisher, resist the urge to blow through these reps as fast as possible. Time under tension is your friend and the ultimate determiner of the training response. Take each rep slow – at least one second down and one second up – and avoid pausing between any reps. Do that and you’ve made it through the gauntlet! The superset takes all of this even further because your chest will have no time to recover before being taken to complete failure. Remember that higher reps, and especially this superset, are not about the weight being used, but about the quality of the rep and contraction of your muscle. Don’t be discouraged if you use less weight than normal. Your chest is being put through a huge amount of stress in this workout. Raising The Intensity: Reverse Pyramid Reps For many, the standard structure of this workout presents enough of a challenge and stimulus to leave you struggling to lift your arms to wash your hair. For those with several years of training experience under their belts that can handle a higher intensity we have you covered. Take t RFV6GW'W6r&WfW'6R&֖B&W66VR7FVBbW7B֖pC4UDT$U"#r&vR6Ю( FR7WW'6WBFW2bF2WfVgW'FW &V6W6RW"6W7BvfRFRF&RЦ6fW"&Vf&R&VrFVF6WFRfW&R&VV&W"FBvW"&W2BW7V6ǐF27WW'6WB&RB&WBFRvVvB&VpW6VB'WB&WBFRVƗGbFR&W@6G&7FbW"W66R( 6W7B'6FrW"6W7BgFW'v&G2vF6&RfǖW2PrW"6W7B2GFrfW&RBB&VrVB&6'W"G&6W2"6VFW'2