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hold it straight over your chest with locked arms. Lower the bar at a me- dium pace until it nearly touches your middle chest area. Pause and push the bar back to the starting position. knees slightly bent, then lower the bar by pushing your butt backwards as far as you can and keep the bar close to your body. Return to the starting posi- tion by driving your hips forward. Bent Over Barbell Row Bend over and grab a loaded barbell with a slightly wider than shoulder- width grip. Hinge at your hips and pull the bar to your lower chest keeping your torso stable and horizontal. Lower the bar back to the starting position. Machine (Prone) Hamstring Curl Set the machine to your height. Lie face down on the machine with the pad of the lever a few inches under your calves. Make sure that your torso remains perfectly flat on the bench. Grab the side handles of the machine. Keep your toes straight. Curl your lower legs up. Be sure your upper legs stay flat on the pad. Once your hamstrings are fully contracted, pause. Slowly lower back to the starting position. Incline Dumbbell Press Lie on a 45-degree incline bench with a dumbbell in each hand resting on your thighs. Use momentum from your thighs to push the dumbbells up and overhead at shoulder width. Your palms should be facing away from you. Lock your arms at the top. Lower the weight straight down at a medium pace. Re- turn to the starting position. Back Extension Lie prone on a hyperextension bench securing your ankles under the foot- pads. Keep your body straight. Your waist should be able to bend without any hindrances. Hug a plate flat to your chest. Bend forward slowly at the waist as far as you can while keeping your back flat. Your hamstrings should stretch, but don’t ro VBW"&6W6R6vǒ&6RW"F'6&6FFR7F'Fr6F&&&V&WfW'6RVvPBvVvFVB&"7&72W"WЧW"&67FBvFW"fVWB&W@vGF'B7FW&6&WBGvfVWBvFW"&vBfBVWrW 2f6rf'v&BFRFRbW &6fBvR6F7Bf'7Bp&FbW"VW2F&VBBvW W'6VbVFW"G&ƖrVR7@FV6W2FRf"&W72&6WFFR7F'Fr6FW6rW"&6fB&WVBFRVgB6FRvVFW6F&2'26&FFGV&&V7W&7FBvFGV&&VV6@vFRw&BVFv6BFRBVFv6R@FRBbFR&"W6rfW&@w&6ƖvFǒvFW"F6VFW"vGFVFR&"FvVFN( 26FVB@FRWW"'FbW"6W7BW6PBFR&GFbFRfVVB6vǒfRFRvVvB&6FFP7F'Fr6FGVW6FVw>( 4vWFW27G&w0&&&VF'W7@6BFRw&VBg&Bbf@&V6&FVB&&&VfW"W Vw36FB&fRW"2&6PW"&6v7BFR&V6vFW 6VFW"&FW2V"FRFbB6VFVW6ǒƖgFrFRvVvBG&fPFR&"6v&BvFW"Vw2WFVBЦrW"26W"2BFPFbFRfVVBW6RBFVvW"&6FFR7F'Fr6F&&&V&FVFƖg@vR7FFrB&"vF&FVBBw&W6W"6W7@WBVWW"6VFW'2&6BW C4UDT$U"#r&vR6ЦB&( 2VwFvFW"2f6pWBVWW"V&w266RFW F'6BW"WW"&27FF'2R7W&FRvVvG2F6VFW WfVgVǒ6G&7FrW"&6W2W6RB6vǒ&WGW&FFP7F'Fr6F&V6W"7W&6BB&V6W"&V6vFvVvFV@Rբ&"w&"FRRբ&"BFRW"Ц7BFRB7F'BvFBfWV@6FV"W"6vFW"WЧW"&2B6W7B6V7W&VBv7BFP&V6B6vǒvW"FR&"VFW"&6W2&RgVǒWFVFVBFV7W&FRvVvBW7VVWRW"&6W0BBf"R6VB&WVB6V7'W6W ƖR&V6vFRբ&"WFV@&F&2fW&VB&Vv'&VFpW"V&w2BFVw&VRvR6FBW"f&V&2&R&VFFPf"FR&"vVB&vB&fRW f&VVB7G&vFVW"&2F&VvFRWB&WWFF6&RG&6W2W6FvGF6vVB&"FFRvVЦWw&"BvFfW&Bw&@6VFW"vGF7FBvFW"F'67G&vBB6ƖvFǒf'v&B6ƖЧFW"WW"&2v&V66PFW"&GBW"f&V&26V@&RFrWFv&G2FRVW0FWBFR&"W6RW"G&6W2F