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SATURDAY: LEGS-QUADS/CALVES EXERCISE SETS Squat 4 Leg Press with Calf Raise 4 Leg Extension 4 Calf Raise Machine 4 * Weeks 1-3 at 60-80% of one rep max ** Weeks 4-6 at 75-90% of one rep max REPS (Weeks 1-3)* 10-12 10-12 10-12 10-12 Using The Same Exercises To Achieve Hypertrophy This workout program uses the same exercises for a six-week period. To achieve hypertrophy, or muscular growth, you’ll change other variables over the six-week period including the load, rep ranges and rest period. Rest Period – In the fi rst three-week period, rest for 30 to 60 seconds between sets. During the second three- week period, shorten your rest time to 30 to 45 seconds between sets. Load and Volume – During the fi rst three-week period, you’ll work out us- ing weights that are 60 to 80 percent of your one rep maximum for that exercise and use higher volume, or number of repetitions. In the second three-week period, you will increase the load and initially you’ll drop the volume. However, you must continually work to increase the volume. Progressively Cardio – It’s optional. Why? If you have an ectomorph body type (you’re natu- rally skinny) and have diffi culty gaining mass, then adding cardio to your rou- tine could counteract all the work you put into lifting. On the other hand, if your body type is endomorph, you have diffi culty getting lean. Endomorphs need 20 to 30 minutes of cardio, two or three days per week, to control their Order On-Line 24/7 overloading your muscles is the only way to force them to grow. REPS (Weeks 4-6)** 8-10 8-10 8-10 8-10 body fat percentage. Low intensity car- dio will not negatively impact gains. It’ll help reveal your newly acquired gains. Rest – Rest and recovery are vital to muscular growth. You tear muscle fi bers through heavy lifting. Needless to say, you’ll be doing plenty of that. You need to give your muscles time to repair. The repair process results in the thickening and growth of the muscle fi bers. Make sure you take rest days. Monday: Chest/Back Barbell Bench Press Lie under a bench press rack with load- ed weight. Using a medium-width grip, proceed to lift the bar from the rack; HOME AND COMMERCIAL FITNESS EQUIPMENT FACTORY DIRECT! 1,000’S OF PRODUCTS TO CHOOSE FROM! Home and Commercial Gyms Strength Equipment Single-Stack Functional Trainers Cardio Treadmills w ww w w.f itne ss fa c to r y. c o m or o r CA L L 1.80 1.800 0 . 3 8 3 . 9 3 0 0 • • • • • Ships fast/Assembly available Lo west pr i ces gu a ra nte e d Fi na nci n g a v a i l a bl e Gi ft cer t i f i ca te s Sa ve B IG o n ov e rs toc ks, fl oor m o d el s , cl os e outs & r efur bi s h ed e qu i pme nt Kettlebells, Plates, & Dumbbells Power Bars Power Racks Ellipticals Accessories Multi-Stack COMMERCIAL EQUIPMENT GSA # GS03F0152Y Benches Bikes Commercial Rigs, Racks, Strength Circuits, Treadmills, Ellipticals, Bikes, Storage, Flooring Markets Served Military/Government • Corporate Facilities Parks and Recreation • Police Stations SHOP AT Multi-Housing • Fitness Centers Fire Departments • Rehab and Medical Universities/Colleges • Hotels and Spas SEPTEMBER | 773.395.4100 High 38 Schools • Personal 2017 Training Studios CHICAGO ANY OF OUR 4 CHICAGOLAND SUPERSTORES FOREST PARK 708.427.3599 MUNDELEIN 847.566.5395 AURORA 630.978.7525 5.15.15