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IM CONTENTS SEPTEMBER 2017 FEATURES 24 Cover Story with Danny Hester Get the straight-up truth from Danny Hester on working out, nutrition, life and how to be your best. You better be ready for the hard truth because he has no time for excuses. 34 Massive Gains From Head to Toe It’s time to put the sunscreen away and get serious. This is your plan for serious gains in every muscle you’ve got. Are you ready? 44 The Spartan Chest Workout Power and size are at your fi ngertips if you follow this Spartan inspired plan for immediate growth in your pecs. 52 9 Reasons You Need BCAAs Dive a little deeper into your supple- mentation and fi nd out why you need BCAAs ASAP! 56 Lindsay Christiansen Model, trainer, yogi, mom and all around blond bombshell, Lindsay Christiansen does it all and you’re lucky enough to have a front row seat! Enjoy! ON THE COVER Danny Hester Photography by Binais Begovic 2 SEPTEMBER 2017 | p.24 DEPARTMENTS 6 Train To Gain: Pre-exhaust training 8 Muscle Research: Defy aging in the gym 10 Exercise Of The Issue: Barbell squat 12 Muscle Handbook: The perfect pull-up 14 Eat To Grow: Fermented foods 18 Fat Loss Research: Is smell the key to fat loss? 20 Meal Of The Issue: Lemon chicken (grilled!) 22 Shake Of The Issue: Berry blast 62 Transformer: 5 step guide to time management 64 Power Building: Add power and size to your shoulders 66 Hybrid Training: 5x5 for more power and strength 70 Hardgainer: Abs, now! 72 Anti Aging: Smarter nutritional choices 76 Final Word: Are macros the key to your goals? p.20