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COVER STORY IM: What are your goals like in the gym these days? DH: I don’t want the circumference to get bigger. I want to change the shape of the muscle. I want to accentuate the symmetry in the balance. IM: What do you do in the gym that you think might shock some of our readers? DH: I don’t really even do full reps. Your strength curve is usually not as strong in the beginning as it is in the middle of a rep. If you’re doing a curl, it’s the hard- est at the bottom but almost midway to 3/4 of the way up, that’s where you’re the strongest. IM: A lot of people are pushing the idea of always lifting heavy. What’s your take on this? DH: When guys try to do super heavy weight on full range of motion, that’s usually where they get injured. If I go heavier, I have to decrease my range of motion. I just want to stimulate the muscles so I’ll do partial reps right in that sweet spot and do partial reps in there rather than try to do a lighter weight so I can do the full range of motion. My workload in a week in the gym is a lot more than most. It’s just not done all at one time. I just did arms three times in one day. The overall workload is way more than someone who did one hour really hard. IM: What’s your diet like? DH: Low carbs. Very high fats. Espe- cially as you get older, you have to eat more fats. I have a cheat meal whenever I want. I base it on my condition at the time. I like pizza [or] anything with chocolate. “ “ I want to change the shape of the muscle. 28 SEPTEMBER 2017 | IM: You’re coming off a huge win as the first ever Mr. Olympia Classic Physique champion. How do you see the industry as it is today? DH: Size, conditioning and symme- try are supposed to be equal. It’s sad because I think symmetry is last on the list. If you have the size and the