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IS COVER STORY achieving greatness really as simple as just following the same approach to life as you do to working out? It can be, but one vital ingredient is missing for truly exceptional results in life. What is that element you’re probably lacking? Simple: You have to get past the hype within yourself, forget the noise all around you and never let yourself get off course. No nonsense in the gym means no BS in life. That’s how you’ll get a great body, build a great life and be your best. But don’t just take our word for it. Here are the straight-up, unfi ltered and laser-focused musings of this issue’s cover guy, Danny Hester, to help guide you along the path to success in and out of the weight room. IRON MAN: What’s your workout like each day? Danny Hester: I get in two workouts a day – and actually on the same body part. I feel I get a lot more gains that way. Rather than try to put it all into one workout where it all drains you, I leave a little bit in the tank and then the tank kind of gets fi lled back up and I hit it hard again. That’s only for priority muscles. My stronger muscle areas I don’t train as much because for me it’s all about the overall balance. Some- times I hit a strong body part maybe once every two weeks or once a week and the weaker body part sometimes twice a day. IM: What are those workouts like? DH: I always start off with high reps in medium weight just to see how my body is responding to it. Sometimes I’m getting a really good pump, [but] it’s mainly just to get the ligaments in the joints and the muscles to get the blood fl owing and get that connection. I don’t necessarily go heavy anymore. I go for the burn and the pump. I try different angles. IM: Any particular tricks that you think our readers should be aware of? DH: If I’m training shoulders, there’s no need for me to do front shoulder press- es anymore because my front shoulders are already pretty strong. I’ll isolate the middle and rear delt movements until they’re really exhausted before I do any- thing for the front delts. A lot of people tend to focus on their strengths fi rst rather than the things they don’t feel strong with. You need to focus on areas that you’re not strong in. 26 SEPTEMBER 2017 | DANNY HESTER Occupation: Classic Physique Mr. Olympia AGE: Lost track... 40, 48 or something but feel like 25 LIKES: Animals, competing, music and dance FAVORITE VACATION SPOT: Spain FAVORITE EXERCISE: Rows LISTENS TO: EDM, epic movie soundtracks FAVORITE MOVIE: The Last Samurai FAVORITE QUOTE: “Be the change that you want to see happen in the world.” –Gandhi SPONSORS: SteelFit USA, Pro Tan, Immordl and My Pure Life Foods INSTAGRAM: @dannyhester FACEBOOK: Classic Mr. Olympia